Can I trust a person I met while traveling?


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Registration Fee : ($20) (1 year)

Date Fee : ($30) per date

Share your travel itinerary and let the travel experts in the world to find your match at your travel destination.

Guided Tour Service $30 (1 year)
Homestay/bed and breakfast $30 (1 year)
Hire a car with a driver $30 (1 year)
On site interpreter $30 (1 year)
Visa $30 (1 year) is different than other dating apps.
Our members' identity is verified.
By running Self reliability points that includes profile, education and career to raise the credibility.
- Identity verification(mandantory), Self reliability verification
- Education verification/career verification(optional)

Personal Identification

ID, passport, driver's license (one of these)

Education verification

For college graduates and above, provide diploma

Career verification

Employment letter, employee ID (one of these)

Business owners: business registration

Freelancing or others : No documents required

We offer irresistible payment options

No monthly fees! Registration fee is $20 and valid for 1 year.
You pay when you meet your date! You don't need to pay until you actually meet someone. Pay $30 when you and your date mutually agree to accept match requests.